Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hello hello!

So I have not forgotten about the 30 day challenge.. but I did make some sweet posters for a staff event at my theatre!

Here you go:

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello amigos!

I need help. I have to select 5 of my paintings from last school year to show to a new prof (for tomorrow)... I just don't know which ones to select!

Could you kindly comment and let me know?
Below are the candidates (after the jump):

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DAY SEVENTEEN: favourite plant

Our basil plant named "Dahliatwo" or "Daliatwo"... I can't remember exactly. But she keeps dying because we keep forgetting to water her... she's tiny now.. but still alive!

DAY SIXTEEN: inspiration + experimenting with light


Picture from Jon's cottage again. Oh yea. Experiment with that light!

DAY FIFTEEN: family picture + whatever you want

DAY FOURTEEN: favourite fairytale +focusing on eyes


For this one I didn't take a new picture... I am posting an old one. BUT IT IS SO EPIC!

after the jump...

DAY THIRTEEN: comic + photo edit you like


Hmmm.. photo edit I like. I sort of like the cut-out on photoshop. I kind of like it to help me with my drawing.. or to simplify photos for posters... sort of a clip-art-maker.

DAY TWELVE: most recent accomplishment + same shot different light


For my "same shot different light" picture.. I figured I'd grab the shot I used for the silhouette and just... un-silhouette-it. I couldn't really go back to the black and white one with the half-eaten cake pop... SO HERE IT IS:

DAY ELEVEN: turning point in your life + black/white


DAY TEN: favourite candy +whatever you want


For my "whatever you want" I decided to use a picture from the trip to Jon's cottage..

DAY NINE: favourite TV show + something from a distance

I couldn't figure out a fave tv show.. and now that I think of it I think I am LOVING True Blood.. but I put down the L word. Still a very great show... so sad it's over!


DAY EIGHT: favourite animated character + close up


DAY SEVEN: Favourite word + silhouette


DAY SIX: favourite book character + low angle


DAY FIVE: best friend + whatever you want


DAY FOUR: Favourite place- high angle



It's update on that damn 30-day challenge thing time!

Scanner working! I promise I have been faithful and I have been drawing and photo-graphing. I just need to upload/scan and UPDATE!

Today is the first day of school.. So I'm going to update you in a couple of posts and I'll have them up before I have to go to class!