Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More on SilverCity...

Let's be honest here.. I've created a blog about my art.. and the first image I put up there for the top part was a photo of the Booth. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic--I love all of my movie-theatre-themed stuff..
I just wish I didn't have to work as much as I do.

So some more stuff..I had some photos

I think I'll post those later when I have a bit more time to organize it all.

I'll put up some old ones... Like this one. Just looking at a film reel on Adam's Make-Up table.
I like the perspective, I should try this one again.. maybe focus a little higher up on the film. I could try it in digital though, this one was done in the darkroom.

This one here.. I keep trying to figure out what movie it was for. I can see a guy sitting on something..

I quite like the repetition in the frames. It was hard to take though because I had to be just underneath it. But I like it.

It would've been a trailer or commercial is my guess. Though I suppose it could be part of the reels.

This one to the left is when I took 35mm film to the enlarger and got some negative Meercats! (From the Telus commercial)
Pretty cute! I should've maybe worked on it so it wouldn't look like a negative? But It was still a neat experiment.

That's it for today.. maybe some more stuff later. I really want to work on some Alice in Wonderland themed drawings.

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