Friday, December 10, 2010


So here's the painting from my crit (Friday's class).

I'm not too sure it went over very well. I feel a bit defeated to be honest. I didn't get a sense that it was all.

But hey... here it is. I like it, that's what counts sometimes.

Source image

There it is! I really enjoyed painting it.. I really enjoyed the class... I may feel better about all of this in a week or so.
On a side note: Yoga with Michelle tonight (with my Mom and Ali!) - SO amazing! I'm sore already.

I found the official source imagery. 

and here is my write up:
Photography allegedly killed Painting, and now Digital is killing Analog.
My inspiration for this painting comes directly from my sources. Not only my source images (taken from 35mm film) but from my personal sources that inspire me in art. I feel displaced in my life and I've always used art as a tool to reconnect with myself and more specifically my roots in Mexico. Mexican Dia de los Muertos has continued to inspire me aesthetically and spiritually within my art.
The specific source image used is the Kodak Digital LAD Test Image found at the head of several commercial and trailer reels in 35mm film. This image is used as an aid to produce properly exposed negatives and prints. The film industry is moving away from 35mm film and towards Digital formats implementing new technology in Projection Booths making the old machinery and the Projectionists obsolete.
In short, this image represents, to me, the death of the Projectionist. I have combined this image with iconic representations of papel picado from Mexican Dia de los Muertos. Paired together I am celebrating what I find beautiful about film; but also celebrating an aspect of the world that is not foreign to me.
This juxtaposition of the Kodak LAD Test image on film combined with the Mexican Papel Picado, for me, expresses a self-portrait from within. Film and Projection has been an obsession and fascination of mine over the past three years that has appeared as a constant theme within my art. Furthermore my tendency to feel out of place and my struggle to connect to Mexico is articulated through the Papel Picado that quietly decorates and interrupts the film. In an effort to express my sense of displacement the portrait was painted sideways at an angle and "backwards" (also so that the words were not immediately legible, ie: distracting). In addition, Film is used as a recording tool where one can go back and retrace specific instances in time, specific memories, and relive them shortly.
Film Projection is an unseen world to most viewers and I enjoy sharing my fascination with these unseen images with an audience.  To further this collection I would like to expand on the use of Mexican imagery to further illustrate my concepts.


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