Monday, July 26, 2010

Long time.

Dear friends,

it has been so many months.. the last time I wrote something was in JANUARY.

I will try to be more consistent.

So I have moved into the new apartment... and I still haven't posted photos.. I will try to do that soon.

When it comes to decorating the place, Monique and I have tried to cover up as much wall space as possible. She's a photographer, and I'm... not-decided-what-I'm-specializing-in-yet-really-er... so we have a lot of art. We're also very much into movies... as comes naturally from working at the theatre.Here are most of my photos in the corner.. all the best film photos from first year :)

And I framed my drawing! From 2nd year figure drawing. I get very much into the Mexican spirit of things particularly with Day of the Dead. I feel like that particular celebration really captures a lot about Mexico: the bright colours, strong faith, importance and value of family, pure happiness, a connection to old Mexico and present Mexico.

And right underneath my drawing are the pillows on the bouch! (bed+couch=bouch) best bouch ever.

And of course... under the Bouch the pull out drawer-thing reveals our awesome set up.

Pretty awesome. And my fave pillow in the centre there.. the white one with flowers on it. And the black ones that Monique picked out...

and of course.. My favourite paintings up by our TV! :)

And we're very much interested in using ALL the wall space. There's room for 8x10s above the doors! :)

**EDIT: I know I just promised you I would be posting more often.. but it appears my computer will take a bit longer to fix. I hope it will all be ok.


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