Monday, July 26, 2010

Some recent inspiration

Check out this site where I have found my source material for my kitchen art!

It's your favourite game... MEXICAN BINGO! I know I know, you say, "Paula, I have no idea what you're talking about but it looks amazing!"

It's Loteria. Essentially Mexican Bingo. Replace Bingo Numbers with images of people/things.

Some gems:

On this excellent site I have come across some very... interesting versions of the original which was (quoting the website) from Don Clemente Gallo with 54 cards in the deck.

The way you play is that you have a card that might look like this:

And then you would have some beans... One person would be calling out the cards and as you match up you place a bean (a real bean) on the image. Get beans all over your card and you win!

Here are some of the weird versions... This one is apparently a knockoff from China:

I feel like they couldn't get consistency in their style of images....Though, granted, their parrot is a bit cuter than the traditional one.

These are a couple of the "New Loteria cards designed by artist Teresa Villegas" They have a few new characters...

It looks a bit like they made the hooves on the devil look like high-heels kind of? Very Lust-inducing I'm sure.

And here are some Posada-themed ones:

Very cute! Though I miss the colours of the original deck...

I'll update with some photos of the ones I have painted already.



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  1. ok so the posada ones are amazing..officially... and a huge LOLZ at "el mundo" dude from the chinese one !! omg... i think i might laugh for hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!