Thursday, April 14, 2011

WIP - loteria de mi familia

WIP! Almost complete (critique tomorrow).
Alex L kept me company while I painted! (hence the I HEART AL EX)

This one of my dad is pretty much done. Just need to put in the face/skull-face. And finish the lamp...

More after the break...

Working at home! So much clutter of stuff! Gold-leafing is hard! You can see on the floor the completed work of my mom as the moon and the almost completed work of Ali as the mermaid.

Was thinking of making another one?? Will I have time? Maybe not.. of my dad as the sun... moon and sun you know.. figured it would go nicely. I do have another 11x14 frame.. and the sun is a fairly simple one.. Maybe if I have time tonight I will do it. WOOOOO


Sometimes I figure it's better to have a greater selection.. then I'll only display the ones that are really good.. then again.. Soemtimes I feel like I don't want to take one out.. so I show them all!

Seriously I've been a bit of a machine lately.  4 pieces for Martin's crit.. 3 maybe 4 for Andrew's? I pretty much have MORE than a show here..
Maybe I should try and have a show at Gallery 115.. or somewhere else for that matter.

anyway.. back to essay-ing.

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