Thursday, April 7, 2011

WIP - painting of Dad for Dia de Los Muertos Portrait series

So I'm LOVING the new stuff I've been painting.

Last night I started this painting.. and finished it (by 2am!) Inspired by a fantastic b+w self-portrait of my Daddy...

This is just a photo of my other series I'm working on - with Loteria cards as inspiration.. more on that later. (I was considering making Ali "La Borracha" with her cute lil bachelorette tiara on.. but she'll be the mermaid instead)

Getting started! Cute little 8x10 wood board.

WIP space - I'm going to miss the studio so much over the summer. I'd rent it out but the fee this summer is insane I think.. I'll look into it.


I'll post up the final paintings soon!

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